Saturday, August 8

August 2009 Update

To the readers:

It's been about 8 months since I last blogged on here, but I am proud to say that I am back. I'm going to be switching things up a little, expanding the range of the blog, including a new weekly guide to my favorite music called Breeze Weekly, as well as more music, videos, and other media. I hope that I can make this site your one stop for music, so get on board and tell all of your friends. I'm back, baby!


Tuesday, November 11

Asher Roth Update

I found the full video of him freestyling over "Mr. Me Too". This is really dope, if you have any doubts about Asher, this will most likely make you a believer.

Asher Roth on Carson Daly

Asher Roth has really been building up momentum and credibility in the online hip-hop community, and my guess is that as soon as he drops an album he will be a mainstream success. Here's a video of him being praised on Carson Daly's show Last Call.

New Kanye Freestyle

Kanye was out in Singapore about a week ago, and after performing his verse from Young Jeezy's "Put On", Kanye went into a long freestyle, letting us know that Kanye's still got it. As much as I like some of what I've heard on 808's & Heartbreak, it would be lie to say this freestyle doesn't make me crave some more rapping then what we'll be getting. Regardless, enjoy the video. Kanye always knows how to move a crowd. 

Saturday, October 25

Ludacris/Lil Wayne collabo- "Last of a Dying Breed"

Sorry for the hiatus- but I'm back. Resume your daily views and keep finding the newest music, news, politics, videos, and everything right here. 

This Luda track off of Theater of the Mind is maybe my favorite ever Luda song. Lil Wayne's verse is incredible, and the swagger and intensity here is great.

Tuesday, August 12

New A.P.T.- Kick Bush video

My man A.P.T. over at has just put out a video for his song "Kick Bush", a remix to Lupe's "Kick, Push"... and it is another very clever and witty track. Keep on the lookout for this guy, and I will keep posting videos as he stays in contact. 

Friday, August 8

New Game/ Just Blaze

There's a new song that has surfaced produced by Just Blaze that is a banger, yet it did not make the album's final cut. It's a pretty dope track, so if this is a leftover L.A.X. must be really dope.

New Luda/T.I.

Two of Atlanta's finest, Ludacris & T.I. have squashed their beef and recorded a song to be released on Luda's forthcoming LP Theater of the Mind and it is a banger, as would be expected. DJ Toomp killed it behind the boards. 

Thursday, August 7

Jockin' Jay-Z

During Kanye's performance the other night at Madison Square Garden he debuted a new Jay-Z track that he produced that is possibly from a Blueprint 3 album that is questionably in the works. Kanye's production is on-point and Jay sounds great. He keeps rapping hard he'll make up for Kingdom Come

Whatever You Like video

This song has been playing on my iPod all day. This is one hell of a summer song... and now here's the video. I expect this to shoot up the charts just like "Lollipop" did.